Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Who What & Why?


Okay So I don't usually do this, but After being completely inspired by my beautiful friend +Emily Knott (http://www.britishbeautyaddict.com/) I decided Why not, Lets give this Blogging a go. So Lets Have it.

Hiyaaaar. Holla. Bonjour. My Names Amelia Penelope, I'm 20 years old and am from a tiny yet lovely little village in the country side called Bayford. Wonderful. I am a strong independent Sorta Kinda Gal. I recently graduated from Stella Mann College Of Performing Arts. I trained professionally for the last three years in Musical theatre, and Dance as well as singing acting and blah blah blah. Love it. I now work as a professional freelance performer. Modelling, Singing, and Acting like a complete prat. 

So Now I'm no longer a student, and living in the 'real world' (Scared Face) I thought why not start blogging about my completely exciting life. My aim is to get my face out there as much as I can and what's a better way than to talk a load of blah blah blah and get you the people to read it and hopefully enjoy it. Here I shall post with you all sorts of reviews on shows, experiences, auditions and anything that takes my fancy.

Well Why Not, You're either going to love it, or find it completely pointless, but everyone's entitled to their own opinions idea's and thoughts. I love what I do, and I want to spread that joy with as many people as I can and hopefully Inspire others too follow their dreams. No Dream Is Ever Too Big! So Give It A Go What've You Got To Lose? 

So there we have my first little tiny almost pointless blog. 
But Just A small Snippet of What I'm About
Thanks For Reading 
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