Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What's Next?

What's Next?
Well back in February I auditioned for Thomson Holidays, It was one of the best auditions Iv'e been too, We started off with bit of a work shop, and a discussion as to what the job entails and what would be expected of us, Which was helpful, as it helped everyone to relax a bit, We then had to step in to the role as a holiday entertainer, and get involved in some role play, where we were tested to see how we would handle different situations, dealing with customers and different issues. Just a bit of Acting Fun Really! 
After all of this, we then had to entertain the panel for a whole 3 minutes, doing anything we felt showed us off as a performer, So Naturally I sung a song called The Wizard and I from the hit musical Wicked! I was soo pleased with how my audition went, I kept calm and collected and held my self in a professional manner. The last part of the audition entailed hosting a Tv Game Show which we had to prepare before the audition day, I kept it easy yet fun and light hearted! I hosted a short music quiz, getting the guest too answer questions about music in the charts, singing missing lines and giving us a cheeky dance to their favorite hit song. It was a long audition day but i loved every minute of it! 

The Out Come!
Well a few weeks later I got the phone call I'd been waiting for, It was Easter Sunday and the folks had decided we were going on a family trip to Felix Stowe, Brilliant! No Signal! I was walking around for ages trying to get the teeniest bit of signal, finally I was able to speak to the guy who'd been trying to get hold of me! Only to tell me the exciting new's that I GOT THE JOB! I was soo chuffed!! 

The fact I was going to be flown some where hot, to be singing and dancing and entertaining people all day and all night, Best Feeling Ever! So excited!!
Knowing I had a job to come out of college too as well was fantastic news.

If It was't for her putting my name forward for an audition I would not be this far at all, What a babe, after spending the summer of 2012 in Mallorca, watching her entertain and dance and completely soak up the sun and joy she got from her job, I was inspired. I knew I wanted to do it. So Now I am. Thankyou Ashley Beattie. Mwhaaa.

So Where Am I going?
So It has Literally taken forever to find out where I'm going, but this week I got an email, I'M GOING TO EGYPT So Not only am I off to do a job I know I'm going too love but I'm off to an amazing place, AMAZING. 
I'm so excited to start, but so scared at the same time, I hate the not knowing, and the not knowing what to expect, But It's a new place, new face's a whole new exciting chapter that I cant Wait to Start.

And I cant wait to get out their and get blogging.
June - November -Egypt - Thomson Holidays - Family Entertainer-2013

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